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2013 February 03

Visual Elements : Line  Shape  Color  Space  Texture 
Visual Principles : Balance  Emphasis  Movement / Rhythm                 ...For Artists...

: Line  Shape  Color  Space  Texture

Line. A line is the track made by a point moving in space.

Types of Line


Edge & Outline (Animation) 

Expressive Line

Implied Line

Texture & Patterns

Shape. Wherever the ends of a continuous line meet, a shape is formed.

Geometric / Organic shapes

Variations of Geometric / Organic shapes

Positive / Negative Shapes

Geometric & Organic (Animation)

Color. All colors are mixed from three primaries: red, blue and yellow.

Color Wheel



Primary & Secondary

Warm & Cool


Natural & Arbitrary

Tints & Shades

Fantastic effects

. Space can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, negative and/or positive.

Types of space


Depth (Animation)

Positive & Negative

Linear & Aerial perspective

Real Space

Everything, including works of art, has a texture or surface.

Types of Texture

Visual texture

Illusion of space

Principles : Balance  Emphasis  Movement / Rhythm

. Balance is achieved by the resolution of weight, stress and tension.

Symmetry and Assymetry

Balance with Color

Other Types of Balance

Symmetrical & Asymmetrical (Animation)

Emphasis. The eye of the viewer will focus first on an area of emphasis or center of interest.

Center of Interest

Overall Emphasis

Contrast and Emphasis

Movement / Rhythm. Repeated shapes, lines, or colors create movement and rhythm in a composition.

Rhythm and Repetition

Alternating Rhythm

Rhythm and Movement

Visual Rhythm (Animation)

Repetition makes a Pattern

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